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First class teaching aids moor 2 sea can offer first class tuition on a number of geological gcse, as and and a-level coursessome of the geographical features you can choose to study include. Wjec gcse geography b case study afl exercises boscastle 2 describe the location of each of these places remember that the brecon beacons covers a large area where boscastle is a point on a map so your descriptions will need to use slightly different styles discuss this issue with another student. Our next unit is the study of plate tectonics in this unit we will be studying the forces of nature which have shaped our planet including the processes behind natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

boscastle case study geography 2 river processes and land forms a case study of the usclade and sourde rivers teachers’ notes • channel processes and landforms come under close scrutiny in this unit, as does river morphology river morphology can usually be considered in three dimensions long.

Boscastle and bangladesh floods the share my lesson social studies team has brought together a diverse range of free teaching resources for you to use in your classroom. (as geography case study) boscastle 2004 flash flood with a 1 in 400 probability of occurring, boscastle's 2004 flash flood is considered an extreme weather event a flash flood is is a rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas - washes, rivers , dry lakes and basins. Dead trees/ vegetation are removed so that they don't block the river channel during floods a gauge monitors water levels and improves flood prediction the car park has been raised and left as an area that can flood.

Case study: boscastle this is one of the many case studies that may be necessary for any student taking gcse geography the case study comes under the theme of coasts and rivers. Moor 2 sea is the uks premier field study centre based in cornwall, moor 2 sea offer high quality educational field trips in the subjects of geography & geology at a range of levels from key stage 2 to a-level (a2) we offer a complete solution for assesed geography & geology fieldwork. The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth for this section of the unit you need two case studies, one from a richer area of the world - boscastle, uk and one from a poorer part of the world - dhaka, bangladesh. Boscastle case of and human factors also the causes and flood on unit of a case study responses use of boscastle flood reach length: powerpoint exercise is a rapid surface water boscastle consisted in feb 14, august 2004. Boscastle flooding case study here are some summary notes for your boscastle case study you should learn causes and effects of the flooding here helpful for my geography hw june 9, 2012 at 10:15 am anonymous said nothing about the responses or months after brilliant, now i have about half an essay of un-detailed crap.

A case study on the 2004 boscastle flood (recommended for people taking as geography) slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Floods and river management boscastle pdf the pakistan flood, 2010 - click on the page below to open the pdf there are additional case study notes on pakistan, provided here by claire ong here is a good detailed case study on the mississippi floods of 1993 river management. Mr weston gcse geography search this site home case studies distinctive landscapes economic geography 2017 natural hazards 2017 population and settlement 2017 flooding (medc) case study boscastle (see the case studies section of this site for more detailed notes):.

Case study: boscastle flooding can cause problems in both developed and developing countries boscastle is a small coastal settlement in the south west of england. Study the boscastle flood defence scheme on page 21 of the ocr b textbook or the diagram from geogonlineorguk below open this link in a new tab task 1 - create an annotated google map showing the schemes that have been undertaken to reduce the impact of another flood using fig 130. Lesson covers: the causes (meteorological) and effects of the boscastle flash flood lesson involves: starts with a spot the difference activity, then shows a video of flood footage from which students have to note down effects (an. These popular, up-to-the-minute case studies for students aged 14-16 offer the latest geographical news and insights in a downloadable format. Boscastle - 2004 location of river cornwall south east england at the confluence of three rivers drainage basin has very high slopes - increases surface runoff.

Boscastle case study geography

Complete your boscastle flood poster using the powerpoint attached as a guide remember to use the goole search to find extra information i suggest you start with boscastle flood case study. Boscastle case study page history last edited by claire 8 years, 5 months ago boscastle flooding - 4pm monday 16th august 2004 location boscastle is a small rural village which is a popular tourist destination located on the north cornwall coast, in the south west of england it is approximately 80 miles away from plymouth, the nearest. A case study of the boscastle floods these speeds can move cars, 100 actually through the village, emptying and destroying the car park, washing them into the harbour and sea, or just leaving them dumped in the village. The boscastle flood of 2004 – a case study of cause, effect and response using the teachit geography template, this sorting exercise provides a framework for investigating cause of, effect of and response to the 2004 boscastle flood.

  • Year 11 geography case study booklet this booklet belongs to boscastle flooding ledc – river ganges, bangladesh river tees, north east england coastal landforms – dorset coast coastal management - holderness level 1 case study: tectonic hazard in an medc.
  • As geography extreme weather (unit 2)) boscastle 2004 flash floods can a depression be classed as an extreme weather event can a summer anticyclone be classed as an extreme weather event can a winter anticyclone be classed as an extreme weather event case study: feb 2009 snowstorm contenting with extreme weather drought - australia 2002.
  • Case studies in depth – extreme weather (met office) in depth – the coriolis effect case study – boscastle floods floods devastate village on 16 august 2004, a devastating flood swept through the small cornish village of boscastle very heavy rain fell in storms close to the village, causing two rivers to burst their banks.

Gcse geography case studies (24 in total) for each case study you need to know specific stats eg places, dates, strategies paper 1 – physical geography case studies (12) boscastle 2004 the effects of and responses to flooding in boscastle poor world flood eg. Rivers only 03% of all the water on the earth can be found in rivers and lakes however, they have a dramatic influence on human life the hydrological (water) cycle sums up how water on the earth cycles around a closed system (ie nothing is lost. Gcse geography case study revisiting the site of the major flood event that hit the cornish village of boscastle in 2004. Flooding in a medc - 2004 boscastle floods on the 16 th of august, 2004, the small town of boscastle was almost completely destroyed in the space of just two hours when a 1 in 400 year flash flood occurred at around 3pm and inundated most of the town.

boscastle case study geography 2 river processes and land forms a case study of the usclade and sourde rivers teachers’ notes • channel processes and landforms come under close scrutiny in this unit, as does river morphology river morphology can usually be considered in three dimensions long.
Boscastle case study geography
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